Bullet time Surround Shooting System

Bullet time Surround Shooting System is a multi-camera-based intelligent shooting system that simulates shifting effects such as enhanced slow motion and time stillness. The video effect has gained its fame as it was used extensively in the movie "The Matrix" by Warner Bros. Pictures Inc.

Effect Demonstration

Independent R&D

Suitable for event planning companies, scenic spots, exhibition halls, etc. for interaction, tourist photographs, propagation

Even Flight Advantage

Stable system, modular installation, easy to carry, easy to operate, fast imaging, customized service

Modular HD camera
Easy to carry
Short construction time
Ten seconds of fast imaging
100 shots in 1 hour

Shooting process

Fast construction, visual operation software, simple theme switching, not required photography experience

Site setup

According to the theme of the event, create a background board, H5 background page, and build equipment (standard 220V power supply, network required)

Guidance pictures

Guide guests to the shooting area to take a photo and quickly generate local videos

Cloud processing

Upload the video to the cloud platform and generate a share link (H5 link or WeChat applet)

Get video

Video coding to be generated on Cloud platform and guest scan code and input video coding to download video

Dissemination sharing

Capture and share in just 3 steps

Suitable for all kinds of popular media social software

Method of cooperation

A variety of cooperation methods, flexible application of various business partners